A Date to Remember – 12/13/14

This weekend marks one of our busiest December weekends we’ve had in a long time. As far as we can tell, the only reason for this is the date. Tomorrow will be the last sequential date, 12-13-14, until January 2nd, 2034. So I did a little searching and boy, is it popular… Keep reading by visiting our new blog page on our website!



DIY Weddings: Fan Napkin Fold in Glass


The Newest DIY Napkin Fold from Beyond Elegance – please scroll down for more detailed instructions


You’ll need a 20×20 Solid Polyester Napkin and a wine glass


Step One: Fold the napkin in half


Step Two: fold in half again to make a small square – keep the open end facing towards youFold2

Step Three: Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top


Step Four: Fold the right corner down so that the right edge of the triangle moves over to the center of the triangle


Step Five: Repeat with Left corner so the edges are meeting in the middle


Step Six: Fold the bottom third under making a new triangle


Step Seven: Fold the left and right sides underneath so the corners of the triangle are now touching on the backFold7

Step Eight: Gently pull out the top corners creating the fan


Step Nine: Carefully place in the glass

Step Ten: Adjust to you liking & you’re done!


DIY Wedding: Napkin Fold – Pinwheel

With spring comes visions of summer – picnics in the park & dinners on the deck are usually what I have in mind. Though most people wouldn’t think of using our rentals for the casual outing, they can come in handy for that big family reunion or 4th of July party your planning. So we though this week we’d highlight our Blue and White Checked (gingham) Napkins in our DIY fold. And what better way to feature the summery pattern than with the equally summery Pinwheel napkin fold!

For this fold you will need one of our 20×20 Blue & White Check Napkins. I also used a small river rock to keep the napkin in place (great for outdoor events) but if you iron the folds it’s not needed.

Photo May 03, 1 18 00 PM

Step one: Fold the napkin in quarters: fold in half so it make a rectangle and then fold in half again to make a small square.

Photo May 03, 1 18 16 PM

Step two: Fold the top side of the napkin down so it’s edge is at the middle of the square – approximately 2.5″ down.

Photo May 03, 1 18 26 PM

Step three: do the same on the left side but as you do, pull the top corner up so it makes a triangle where the edges meet (see next photo).

Photo May 03, 1 18 45 PM

Photo May 03, 1 19 11 PM

This creates one point of the pinwheel and will be repeated at each corner –  lay the corner down with the left side tucked under the top.

Step four: Repeat this fold on the bottom edge, tucking the bottom under the left side.

Photo May 03, 1 19 17 PM

Step Five: Repeat again – this is the trickiest part of the fold so I snapped a few photos as I went.

You’ll fold in the right side to meet the middle

Photo May 03, 1 20 23 PM

This will create two points – make sure the bottom point is folded over to the right (resulting in the right side being tucked under the bottom) and the top point stays where it is (with the bottom tucked under the right).

Photo May 03, 1 20 37 PM

And there you have it! Since I didn’t iron the folds the napkin would have unfolded itself as soon as I let go – so I grabbed a small river rock to weigh it down. Plus it adds a cute finishing touch.

Photo May 03, 1 21 09 PM

Place it on a charger, add some flowers and you have an adorable and whimsical start to your summertime event!

Photo May 03, 1 21 32 PM

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Make sure to check back next week for a post about some more of 2014’s biggest wedding trends!

DIY Wedding: Napkin Fold – Rosette

Last week we showed you how to do the rose-spin fold, this week is a similar fold but with a little more structure.

You’ll just need one of our 20×20 solid polyester napkins.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 34 AM

Step One: fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 24 AM

Step two: Starting on the long edge (where the fold is) roll/fold the napkin several times, until you’re about halfway through.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 15 AM

Step three: flip the napkin over so the fold is underneath.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 03 AM

Step Four: Starting at one point, roll the napkin around (fairly loosely), all the way to the other point.

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 48 AM

Step Five: when you’ve reached the other point, tuck the tail in to hold in place

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 36 AM

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 25 AM

Step Six: pull the two points apart and flatten out (these will make the “leaves”)

Photo Aug 28, 10 08 52 AM

Step Seven: Flip the whole thing over and adjust to your liking!

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 07 AM

That’s all there is to it!

Photo Aug 28, 10 08 25 AM