DIY Weddings: Fan Napkin Fold in Glass


The Newest DIY Napkin Fold from Beyond Elegance – please scroll down for more detailed instructions


You’ll need a 20×20 Solid Polyester Napkin and a wine glass


Step One: Fold the napkin in half


Step Two: fold in half again to make a small square – keep the open end facing towards youFold2

Step Three: Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top


Step Four: Fold the right corner down so that the right edge of the triangle moves over to the center of the triangle


Step Five: Repeat with Left corner so the edges are meeting in the middle


Step Six: Fold the bottom third under making a new triangle


Step Seven: Fold the left and right sides underneath so the corners of the triangle are now touching on the backFold7

Step Eight: Gently pull out the top corners creating the fan


Step Nine: Carefully place in the glass

Step Ten: Adjust to you liking & you’re done!



DIY Wedding: Napkin Fold – Buckle Bow

It’s been a while since we’ve done a napkin fold so I figured we do one with a little more bling to ring in the new year – the Buckle Bow.

For this fold you’ll need one of our 20×20 solid polyester or polyester satin napkins (I used solid polyester), and as the name suggests – a buckle such as our Diamond Buckle.


Step one: To start, lay the napkin flat out on the table with the buckle off to the side and fold the top third down.


Step two: Fold the bottom third up to meet the top edge


Step three: Take the right side and fold it just past a quarter of the way over


Step four: Take the left side and fold it just past a quarter of the way over (the two edges should now overlap just a little bit).


Step five: Accordion fold or gather up/scrunch the napkin in the middle



Step six: With the side that was facing up now facing the middle bar of the buckle, thread the napkin through one side of the buckle so it’s just over halfway down the napkin


Step seven: Fold the napkin down and thread it through the other side of the buckle.


Step eight: This part takes a little fussing around with the fabric to make sure the buckle is on the middle of the napkin and that the edges lay just how you want them to.


Once you’ve got it just right, place it on the charger and you’re ready to go!

Photo Jan 09, 12 14 57 PM

Photo Jan 09, 12 14 12 PMTo add even more bling, we also added a buckle to the sash on this chair.

Photo Jan 09, 12 15 42 PM

Photo Jan 09, 12 13 23 PMAnd there you have it! An elegant setting for whatever events the new year will bring!


DIY Wedding: Napkin Fold – Rosette

Last week we showed you how to do the rose-spin fold, this week is a similar fold but with a little more structure.

You’ll just need one of our 20×20 solid polyester napkins.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 34 AM

Step One: fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 24 AM

Step two: Starting on the long edge (where the fold is) roll/fold the napkin several times, until you’re about halfway through.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 15 AM

Step three: flip the napkin over so the fold is underneath.

Photo Aug 28, 10 10 03 AM

Step Four: Starting at one point, roll the napkin around (fairly loosely), all the way to the other point.

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 48 AM

Step Five: when you’ve reached the other point, tuck the tail in to hold in place

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 36 AM

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 25 AM

Step Six: pull the two points apart and flatten out (these will make the “leaves”)

Photo Aug 28, 10 08 52 AM

Step Seven: Flip the whole thing over and adjust to your liking!

Photo Aug 28, 10 09 07 AM

That’s all there is to it!

Photo Aug 28, 10 08 25 AM

DIY Weddings: Napkin Fold – Spin Rose

You’d never know by the look of it, but this may be our simplest napkin fold to date!

All you need is one of our 20×20 napkins (for this fold, we recommend the polyester satin instead of solid polyester), and a fork.

Photo Aug 28, 9 59 06 AM

Make sure the napkin is “face” down – so with our satin polyester, that would be shiny side down.

Photo Aug 28, 9 59 19 AM

To start, put the fork in the middle of the napkin and pinch a little bit up in between the tines – think of it like you’re twirling spaghetti noodles.

Photo Aug 28, 9 59 36 AM

Spin the fork, twisting the napkin around. While you’re doing this, you might need to level it out with your other hand so it stays a flat circle instead of a tube.

Photo Aug 28, 9 59 58 AM

Keep spinning!

Photo Aug 28, 10 00 15 AM

Once you’ve wrapped up the entire napkin, remove the fork.

Photo Aug 28, 10 00 46 AM

Flip the napkin over…

Photo Aug 28, 10 00 59 AM

Photo Aug 28, 10 01 08 AM

Place on a plate…

Photo Aug 28, 10 01 18 AM

And let go!

Photo Aug 28, 10 01 42 AM

The napkin will unwind a little bit and it might need a little adjusting to keep it symmetrical, but that’s all there is too it!

Photo Aug 28, 10 02 31 AM

DIY Weddings: Napkin Fold – Bow

We received several requests on how to fold the napkin that was featured in our photos of the black flocked swirl overlay so here’s a quick guide for this easy fold.

You’ll need one of our solid polyester 20×20 napkins and one of our silver napkin rings.

Photo Aug 02, 12 12 10 PM

Step one: fold the napkin in half diagonally

Photo Aug 02, 12 12 29 PM

Step two: from the bottom point, start folding up towards the top about an 1 at a time

Photo Aug 02, 12 12 38 PM

Step three: continue folding until you’ve got a long narrow strip

Photo Aug 02, 12 12 59 PM

Step four: fold the left point over about 1/3 of the way

Photo Aug 02, 12 13 18 PM

Step five: Flip the napkin over

Photo Aug 02, 12 13 32 PM copy

Step six: repeat step four

Photo Aug 02, 12 13 46 PM

Step seven: put the whole thing through the napkin ring

Photo Aug 02, 12 13 56 PM copy

Step eight: pull the points down to form the tails

Photo Aug 02, 12 14 11 PM copy

Step eight: if the points aren’t staying, the top one can be flipped over and tucked down Photo Aug 02, 12 14 59 PM

The finished look! I personally can’t wait to use this with a red napkin on a green plate come Christmas time! Let us know if you can think of another time this would be a great napkin fold to use!

Photo Jul 26, 1 37 54 PM

DIY Wedding: Napkin Folding – Pyramid Fold

With our DIY Wedding Series, we’ll be going through different ways to fold our napkins. This week’s step-by-step guide is how to do  one of the more common and simple folds, the pyramid fold.

Step One: Start with one of our 20×20 Solid Polyester Napkins on the table – this will be folded down the middle.


Step Two: Fold the Bottom Corner up to the middle


Step Three: Fold the top corner down to meet the other corner at the middle


Step Four: Flip the napkin over and keep the open end away from you


Step Five: Fold in half pulling the top corner (open end) down to bottom corner (closed end)


Step Six: Fold in half again (one corner to the other)


Step Seven: Finished shape – just stand up and add to place setting!


Finished Look: There you have it, a simple and classy look to finish off your table setting!

Photo Jun 20, 11 00 26 AM Photo Jun 20, 11 00 39 AM