DIY Wedding: Napkin Fold – Simple Ribbon

Spring has sprung and as we mention in our last post – so have the pastels! So in this “Simple Ribbon” Napkin Fold we will be featuring our pastel yellow (Maize) napkin as well as our silver charger plate. The maize napkin goes wonderfully with our Charcoal linen. Put it all together and it creates the perfect look for a casual spring event!

This napkin fold is probably the easiest one we’ve done yet! All you need is one of our 20×20 polyester napkins, a charger plate, and a few flowers or other accent piece if you’d like.

Photo Apr 21, 11 45 15 AMStep One: Lay the napkin out flat and fold in half (into a rectangle)

Photo-Apr-21,-11-45-03-AM Step Two: Fold in half again


Step Three: Fold in half one more time so you have a long, narrow rectangle


Step Four: Take the right side and fold it down (just under half way up the napkin) so the edge is perpendicular with the rest of the napkin


Step Five: Fold the left side down to meet the right making an arrow shape

Photo-Apr-21,-11-44-20-AMStep Six: Fold the Left side at the corner to cross over the right side


And there you have it!

Photo-Apr-21,-11-43-56-AMPlace the napkin on a charger plate:

Photo Apr 21, 11 43 36 AMAnd add some flowers (or other decor) for a finishing touch!

Photo Apr 21, 11 43 26 AM

 Now you have a quick, simple fold that creates a beautiful addition to any table setting.

Photo Apr 21, 11 42 55 AMMake sure to check out our other napkin folding tutorials as well as our new website for all of our rental products!



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