DIY Wedding: Napkin Folds – Pocket/Silverware Pouch

For the second installment of DIY Wedding: Napkin Folds we are going to show you how to do another basic but common fold, the Silverware Pouch.

Step One: Start with one of our 20×20 Solid Polyester Napkins on the table – this will be folded down the middle.


Step Two: Fold in half again, brining the bottom edge up to meet the top.


Step Three: Making sure the open corner is the top left, fold the top-most layer in half diagonally


Step Four: Flip the napkin over so that the open corner is now the top right


Step Five: Fold the right side over about 1/3 of the way


Step Six: Fold the left side over the other 1/3


Step Seven: Flip the entire nakin over


And there you have it! Just slide in some silverware and you’re ready to go!


This Fold is especially great if you’re wanting to fold the napkins before the big day! They lay nice and flat so then when you’re setting up you just tuck in the utensils and lay it on the plate

Photo Jun 27, 12 27 51 PM

Photo Jun 27, 12 28 03 PM


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