DIY Wedding: Napkin Folding – Pyramid Fold

With our DIY Wedding Series, we’ll be going through different ways to fold our napkins. This week’s step-by-step guide is how to do  one of the more common and simple folds, the pyramid fold.

Step One: Start with one of our 20×20 Solid Polyester Napkins on the table – this will be folded down the middle.


Step Two: Fold the Bottom Corner up to the middle


Step Three: Fold the top corner down to meet the other corner at the middle


Step Four: Flip the napkin over and keep the open end away from you


Step Five: Fold in half pulling the top corner (open end) down to bottom corner (closed end)


Step Six: Fold in half again (one corner to the other)


Step Seven: Finished shape – just stand up and add to place setting!


Finished Look: There you have it, a simple and classy look to finish off your table setting!

Photo Jun 20, 11 00 26 AM Photo Jun 20, 11 00 39 AM


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